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Google Maps. Millions of people use them daily to find directions to and from businesses. According to Nielsen, the Google Maps app sees an average of over 79 million unique users per month. And keep in mind that number does not include users who access Google Maps on their desktop computer, laptop or the thousands of apps that utilize Google Maps for direction and mapping services.

With these many millions of users it’s super important that your business can be found on Google Maps. And easily! Here’s what you need to know to optimize your business for Google Maps and how to get started.

Why sign up? If you don’t sign up for Google My Business you risk being lost on the map. You won’t be easily found on the Google Maps app OR on the millions of other apps that rely on Google Maps for location services. Plus, signing up is completely free and easy to do!

Take a look at the two examples and you’ll notice some drastic differences.


On the left, there the profile is limited to the address and isn’t very appealing to a potential customer.

On the right, this business is fully set up on Google Maps. It has robust features including the address, website, hours, phone number, photos and reviews.

This profile even carries over to how your business appears on the Google Search. By creating this profile, your business typically becomes the first choice on a Google Search.

Take a look at these examples.


On the right, you can see their website appears first in the search results and it has their Google profile information. It looks much more captivating compared to the business on the left which is not set up with Google.

By setting up your business profile on Google My Business, you’ll not only get the benefit of increased visibility anywhere Google Maps is accessed, but you’ll also be in control of the image and information surrounding your business on the internet. Keep in mind it’s very important to be in control of your business’s image on the internet. More often than not potential customer’s first impressions will come from the internet by accessing your website, search engine results, reviews on Yelp, Twitter and so much more! We’ll go over a few easy steps to make sure your business is set up on Google Maps.

How To Get Your Business On Google Maps:

  1. Look up your business on Google Maps and see what comes up!
  2. Sign up for Google My Business if you haven’t already and create your profile! We’ve listed a few helpful sites below to get you started.
  3. Check in on your business regularly. You can respond to reviews, update the profile and discover how customers find your business on Google.

In a future blog post, we’ll be covering Google My Business in depth!

What tips or questions do you have about optimizing your business on Google Maps?

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