Benefits of a Mentorship

WRITTEN BY: CHELSEA PAYNE Throughout history, some of the greats were mentored by the greatest. Without their mentor, who knows where they or even the rest of us would be today. Would Oprah have been able to build her empire if she didn’t have the advice of Maya Angelou? Would Facebook even exist if Steve […]


Get Organized

WRITTEN BY: MELISSA KLEIN Organization is often an overlooked yet essential skill; it is an important trait employers seek in their employees. How your desk and calendar look can sometimes be a clue into how your work looks too. You shouldn’t just stay organized to show your boss that you are up to the task, […]


Positivity is Infectious

How even the most hardened grumpy cat can become a little ray of sunshine WRITTEN BY: LAUREN KALIN Life is the pits. Especially at work. Your boss doesn’t appreciate the hard work you put in, your coworkers have already formed impenetrable cliques, and worst of all, your cube doesn’t have a view of the window. […]