Logos Deconstructed: Visual Communication with Consumers



Back in August, we talked about why it was important to build a brand for your business. I’m going to dial it back in this post and focus on the importance of a strong logo. When I think about the most successful brands in the world, I automatically think about their logos and how something so seemingly simple becomes synonymous with their whole brand. This past month, Google completely redesigned their logo and it was talked about on every major news channel, as well as posted and discussed on some of the Internet’s largest sites. That kind of buzz is exactly what a strong logo can do for your business.

Now for the big question: is your business logo conveying the right message? Things as seemingly small as color and font can have a big impact on the entire emotion a logo conveys. As you move through this post and the guides below, look at your company logo to determine exactly what the logo is communicating to the public.

To begin, let’s talk about color. The following images are going to be used as tools to explain the most popular branding colors, what those colors mean, and then we’re going to tackle the mystery of fonts.


11.25.15_Color Meanings
Now onto fonts:
With these two elements carefully studied and applied, your logo can be honed to express exactly what your business is about before a customer even walks in the door. This is important for not only your overall branding, but for making sure your company can be easily recognized.

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