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Keeping Customers Engaged: Email Newsletters


It’s undeniable that customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you don’t exist. Similar to your personal and romantic relationships, communication is key. Two-way communication requires speaking AND listening in order to be effective.

Often times, businesses only communicate to customers when they need something like a sale, payment, reservations for a holiday event, etc. There’s nothing wrong with these messages, but it’s also important to include “non-sales touches.”

One simple way to communicate with your customers is by creating a customer newsletter. The great thing about a newsletter is that it will allow you to diversify your messages from self-serving ones to industry trends.

I receive newsletters all the time. Several of our vendors send them out to show us all of the great things going on at the office, things they are noticing in the market, and service upgrades.

Tips for Creating a Captivating Newsletter


You’ll most likely send your newsletter via email. It’s quick, convenient, and cheaper than printing. We all know what it’s like to get continuous emails from stores, blogs, and websites that we almost always delete without opening. Ensure that your subject line is catchy enough to make someone want to open it (but avoid obvious click bait). Utilize mail merge or an email service to include the recipient’s first name so that they feel special and not lumped into a general group. Services like MailChimp are easy to use and can get you started in no time!


Think about when your newsletter will go out. What holidays and events are happening? Are they addressed in the newsletter? At AroundCampus, we take a similar approach to our blog. If students are returning from summer break, we want to give businesses ideas on how to best prepare for and capture the incoming students from Day 1.


Everyone loves recognition. Are you a clothing store? Highlight one of your new (or oldest) vendors. Give them a nice little plug for their business (after all, it’s a community effort). Maybe you’re a B2B service provider that would be better off recognizing one of your customers and how they utilize your different offerings.


Lastly, make sure your newsletter is informative. Don’t make it a giant fluff piece. People will instantly stop reading if they realize there’s nothing to gain. Try a variety of topics each month (or quarter) to see what works and what doesn’t. Variety also helps ensure that you address your entire audience and don’t alienate anyone.

Newsletters can be a fun way to show off your company, boost sales, and engage customers. As we’ve mentioned before in our discussions about social media, people get their information in a lot of different ways, so don’t put all of your eggs into one basket. A multi-directional approach ensures that your information gets in front of the right people, where they’re listening!

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