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Is it your social responsibility as a business owner to contribute to your community? Community Investing (CI) allows you to put hard earned dollars to work in your area.

There are many options available to local businesses when it comes to giving back. Recently, some of the most popular sectors to contribute to are healthcare, childcare, affordable housing, and education. There are many respectable causes to aid, but knowing where you can have an impact can help you make that decision.

Personally, I see great value in providing time and resources for the others around me. Now am I saying that you should you be giving to everyone that comes through your door with a worthy cause? No. There are limits when it comes to giving back. Taking the time to think about what you as an individual are passionate about is valuable. Knowing what you stand for will help you find an organization where you can make a lasting impression. Contributing to causes that are significant to you shows you’re not only a business in the community, but a neighbor.

When giving back, your business practices should be upheld. Get to know the people you are working with and their past with the organization. Do they share your values and ethical standards? Representatives will come in all shapes and sizes and walks of life. Remember that you are looking to help, not judge.

After you know of whom you will be assisting, it is important to remain consistent. You should be consistent in who you are working with and the amount that you contribute. While it can be tempting to give in relation to how you feel about a cause, you must remember that you, as with any other business, are of limited resources. Budget for what you will be giving, as you would for anything else. The representatives will look forward to seeing you the next time and thank you for your reliability.

Take pride in your investment. This is what you believe in. Make an effort to share information with people in your life. You never know who amongst you is looking for a way to give, no matter how much. You never know if there is an opportunity for people that you know to join you and share in your attempts to put a foot forward for something worthwhile. Explain your practices to people that inquire. Show them where you contribute and why you keep those standards.

Strangers, friends, or other organizations that come through your door or contact you are interested in not only where you give but also in what you stand for. There are many respectable ways to give back, and it can be frustrating for a representative to not receive anything from you. But the organizations that you do send away will know that you are doing something.

Remember that while you are dependent on the community around you, they are also in need of your assistance as well.

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