How Coupons Can Help Your Business



You go grocery shopping at the same store every week. This isn’t abnormal for most people. It’s nice to know exactly what aisle and shelf your favorite brand of organic pasta sauce can be found…or in my case, the gummy snacks and Wild Berry Pop-Tarts. We are creatures of habit and like convenience. But what would it take to make you visit another market two miles farther down the road? Coupons. The popularity of couponing is growing. Last year, about 2.84 billion were redeemed!
As a business owner, it’s your duty to try to bring in more and more new customers. It’s not that the potential business isn’t out there; it’s just that it is going somewhere else. You have to make an offer they can’t refuse to bring them in! Once they arrive and see the wonderful selection of items and customer service you offer, and then you can get them hooked.
This principle isn’t just for grocery stores either. No matter if you are a dentist, auto shop, florist, or tanning boutique, you have something to offer that customers are purchasing elsewhere. I’m not saying that you have to give away a lifetime of free services. I’m saying that offering a deal or coupon is a strong motivator to help get customers through your door. Maybe it will be their first time visiting you and on top of receiving a good deal, they are amazed at the customer service. Or perhaps they’ve been to you before, but forgot about the awesome selection of products you offer. A coupon is what gives customers the courage to give you a try.
Trying a new place can be intimidating for customers, especially young ones; college students travel in packs. Buy One, Get One! Offer a BOGO Deal so they can bring a friend. This may make them more comfortable with trying something new, AND this gets TWO people in your door. That’s TWO new advocates for your awesome establishment that you didn’t have before. I know that you are probably well-established and already have a horde of loyal customers to bring you new business via word-of-mouth. The new customers that come in with coupons, you are keeping that river of praise flowing.
Offering deals and coupons can give you an advantage over the competition, but it also shows the customers that you care. It shows them that you are willing to put in a little more effort to welcome them to your business. As I sit here in Starbucks, writing this post, there are people talking about coupons. Just a moment ago, I saw a girl stand up, look at her friend, and say, “Let’s go, my coupon expires today!” You can have the same opportunity that business gained by offering a deal.

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