Going Above and Beyond Without Burning Out



Whether it is in grade school or in the real world, there’s always that one person who strives to go above and beyond. You may have been that student racing to answer the question or that student rolling their eyes in the back of the class, but it looks like things have changed. You will want to become that person at work trying to prove your worth without being annoying to those around you. Below are some ways to go above and beyond at work:

1. Listen to feedback…and use it!

One of the best ways to set yourself apart at work is to continually improve. In order to continually improve, don’t just listen to the feedback given to you, but actually use it. Strive for improvement, not approval. When your boss offers constructive criticism, put those changes into action. The most impressive thing you can do is use criticism to better your work, ultimately gaining the trust of your superiors. It’ll become apparent that you’re working towards bettering the company as a whole and before you know it, you’ll be getting that promotion you’ve been gunning for.

2. Anticipate needs of others

Staying a step ahead of your boss by anticipating their needs is a surefire way to becoming known as the employee that always goes above and beyond. You may ask, “How can you possibly know what your boss is thinking?” By simply paying close attention and staying on top of your work! Sounds easy, right? There may be a meeting coming up next week and your boss always requests a report. Be that employee that already has it done. Thinking ahead and anticipating the needs or your boss will set the foundation for becoming the invaluable employee we all strive to be.

3. Bring plans AND solutions

If you want to stand out as a valued employee that goes above and beyond, don’t just focus on the problems. Focus on the solutions. It’s easy to sit around talk about what you would like to change or what you wish were different every day. It’s much more challenging to actually solve those problems. Taking a problem and solving it without being instructed to do so, will not only show that you’re willing to go above and beyond, but that you’re a valuable asset to the company.

4. Go out of your way!

It really is as easy as it sounds…go out of your way! Simply offer to help. It may sound like a small gesture, but it can go a long way with your superiors and co-workers. There is a difference in offering to help just for the sake of offering and presenting a genuine offer. Find specific areas you can contribute to a project. Also, if you do offer to help and someone takes you up on that offer, be accountable. Your boss or co-workers will notice that you’re going above and beyond to help, and may even return the favor one day.

But be careful not to get burned out…

Going above and beyond in the workplace will set yourself apart from the rest, expose the invaluable employee you truly are, and gain the trust of those around you; however, it is the quickest way to burn yourself out. How do you find a balance between the two? It’s not easy, but definitely possible. Below are some tips and tricks to finding that happy balance:

  • Complain less. Keep yourself and others around you positive.
  • Create a great work culture. Surround yourself with co-workers who are passionate about the company and want to see the company improve.
  • Reward yourself. There is no shame in giving yourself a pat on the back. YOU are your biggest motivator!
  • Schedule your time better. Don’t feel like you have to do everything at work. Clarify the duties you have and focus on one thing at a time.
  • Finally, love what you do! Remember, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”


Do you have an example of how you went above and beyond at work? If so, share below!

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