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Organization is often an overlooked yet essential skill; it is an important trait employers seek in their employees. How your desk and calendar look can sometimes be a clue into how your work looks too. You shouldn’t just stay organized to show your boss that you are up to the task, but because it will help you in the long run too!

Take the pressure off & de-stress

  • It can be hard to feel cool, calm, and collected when your space is chaotic. Preparing ahead of time lets you know that you have nothing to worry about when walking into that big meeting, because you have everything you need and know exactly where it is. Being organized will help you to feel confident and knowledgeable about your work, and will definitely help you to make a good impression with the right people!


See through the clutter & have better focus

  • Some of us have longer attention spans than others, but it is a guarantee that your focus will suffer if you are working in clutter. Your eyes are being pulled in so many directions, and therefore pull your attention in just as many different ways at once. Keep your space tidy to help yourself have better focus at work by keeping your eyes on the task at hand.


Organize your things to organize your thoughts

  • We write down to-do lists, notes from a meeting, and plans we shouldn’t forget. Our thoughts are tracked on paper a large portion of the time. That means that when papers and assignments are awry, you thoughts become scrambled as well. Help yourself to think clearly by keeping all your recorded thoughts in their proper places.


Find things quicker and always be prepared

  • Remember that one time you had a really important assignment due? You pulled an all-nighter getting it finished, woke up late and had to go turn it in. You were sure it was somewhere in your bag, but then you arrive and the assignment isn’t there. You run back to your room, find it, and sprint back to turn it in, just barely hitting that deadline. I’ve heard this nightmarish story from many students many times. But organization will help with this scenario; it will help with forgetfulness, preparation, and time management. Of course, organization will cut off a few seconds here and there when you know exactly where those notes are, but it is also key in pivotal moments throughout our lives. Know where your things are, and don’t take shortcuts. If you always have your things organized, you will always be prepared!


When it comes to organization, find a system that works for you and keep up with it. The time you put into all the tasks to stay organized will pay off in the long run. When you’re tempted to stuff those notes from class somewhere deep down in your backpack, hold yourself accountable and remember: organize your things, organize your thoughts, envision a path, and execute your goals!

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