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Common Branding Mistakes



Mistake #1: Resolution of Graphics

It is mandatory that images have a consistent quality without pixilation. But what are the different types of files and resolutions for images?

  • For your Logo: the best option is ALWAYS having a vector file. This kind of file is very easy to edit and can be scaled as big as you need without losing quality. This is perfect for banners and other printed marketing material.
  • For your images: if the pictures are going to be used for Web, a 72 dpi resolution is enough. However if you are going to print, this resolution has to be 300 dpi.

Common_Branding_Mistakes _Image_Explanation 1



Mistake #2: Typeface Use

Some people may be confused about what a typeface is when compared to a font. Sometimes these words are used interchangeably, but there is a difference between them. Typeface is like the package with all of the different fonts inside. If you purchase what is called a font family, that is a typeface. So the typeface would be Helvetica and the Font would be Helvetica Regular. The font is more specific. If you are interested in learning more about Typeface vs. Font, check out this article by

Using the right typefaces for your business logo is vital. A bad pairing or selecting an inappropriate one can be dangerous.

Here are some tips on how to pick the right one:Common_Branding_Mistakes _Image_Explanation 2

  • Think about what vibe you want to show to the public. If your company is a law firm, you might want a more serious vibe. Conversely, if your business is a daycare center, you will want to play with a typeface that is more fun
  • Try to convert negative space into a genius result.Common_Branding_Mistakes _Image_Explanation 3



Mistake #3: Over-complicating Things

Most of the time, Less is More so try to keep your branding image as simple as you can. These are good examples of simplicity:

  • Instant and memorable impact: consumers have to get what your logo says quickly.
  • Easy to reproduce: your design should be adaptable to any size without losing any detail.
  • Simplicity is the key: use two typefaces max + focus on branding colors + 1 visual (image) + the fewer words the better



Mistake #4: Inconsistent Corporate Identity

It is vital that your company ALWAYS uses the same logo, tagline, typeface and branding colors in all formats ALL the time. Inconsistency usually confuses the consumer with the result being a lack of customer loyalty. Your corporate identity should educate customers about your brand. Here is an example of consistency of one of our customers that purchased an ad inside a printed planner and a line listing in our website:

Common_Branding_Mistakes _Image_Explanation 4



Mistake #5: Not Building a Strong Web Presence

Nowadays, if you are not online, YOU DON’T EXIST. That’s why you should invest in a website and advertise it on the Net. AroundCampus Group has helped hundreds of small businesses have an online presence. We are very proud of our website and our Mobile App as well. It is the nation’s largest and most respected college specific App and it’s checked every day by thousands of students all over the country.

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Feel free to post any question you have about your own design. Our Production Team will be pleased to help you!


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