Click It, Clip It, or Print It: How to Get the Most Out of Your Coupons



When maintaining a company brand for your business, you want to make a lasting impression. What better way to have your name floating throughout the hallways of your local university than having a POWERHOUSE deal that students and faculty can use all year long! Let’s face it, you want a deal you would use yourself. Check out these three most commonly offered deals that get people through the doors.

BOGO: Buy One, Get One FREE 

Buy one, get one half off deals are also very popular.

25-50% off an item

This type of offer is a great deal, but the best way to get people in the store is to use a dollar amount instead of a percentage. Some students may find percentages misleading 25% off something that costs $1000 is not the same as 25% off something that costs $25. Letting students know exactly what the discount will be is more attractive, especially if it is a really good deal!

Free item giveaways

People like freebies. Sometimes deals may not save students money, but if they come with a free add-on (like a t-shirt or a pint glass) then who wouldn’t want a little S.W.A.G. (Stuff We All Get)?


Purchasing a coupon is about driving traffic into your store.  Stop thinking about your margins, and offer something the students will want.  Students are turned off by brands with unappealing offers.

Through AroundCampus, your great deal can be viewed and redeemed on your smartphone, printed it out from our company website or simply clipped from your planner or directory.

Be sure to arm your squad with a heads up that you have a super deal in your local campus community so they know to accept it and track your redemptions! Printed coupons are by far the most feasible way to keep track of how many discounts you have given but whether it’s on your phone or in your publication, you want to make note of it!

As the conductor of your business train, you know what fits your business the best; simply keep in mind that trying new things can build more awareness about your business and YOU!




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