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Typography Do’s and Don’ts

  WRITTEN BY: KADE O’CONNOR Why is choosing the right typeface and using it correctly important? Would you wear ripped jeans and flip flops to a job interview? Do you think you’d make many friends wearing a suit to the beach? Of course not! You may be clothed either way, but you choose what to […]


Tips & Tools to Lighten the Load of Social Media

  WRITTEN BY: KATHRYN OLIVIERI Social media management for businesses can be a strain. Finding and creating enough content to post something daily on Facebook, tweet at a few followers on Twitter, take an interesting Instagram photo, pin something on Pinterest, and work on a weekly blog post is not easy. Some days coming up […]

5 Reasons Branding_Featured

5 Reasons You Should Create a Strong Brand

  WRITTEN BY: MIRANDA GARDNER When I was a college student, I was feeling particularly homesick one day when a commercial came on my TV. It showed a young girl going through her first year of college and dealing with the usual feelings that come with being away from home for the first time. By […]


Join the Conversation: Engage Customers Online

  WRITTEN BY: JANELLE MASON Do you know what you’re doing on social media?  There is a great deal of potential to interact with current customers and find new customers through social media. Here are some suggestions that we have to help you improve your reach online. Interact with Groups Interact with student groups and […]


5 Ways to Reach Millennial College Students

  WRITTEN BY: JANELLE MASON Most businesses that reside in college towns know that there is a huge opportunity when marketing to college students and yet still struggle to understand what drives a college student to purchase something. Businesses are marketing toward a new generation. Millennials consist of 75.7 million people, ranging from 19 to […]

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