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Color For Business

WRITTEN BY: KADE O’CONNOR   COLOR is CONTEXT Many articles on color theory for marketing and branding offer over-simplified advice like ‘use red to make your customers hungry’. Unfortunately, color is far too subjective an experience to universally convey any specific concept. What meaning a color can imbue is dependent on language, culture, and contemporary […]


Logos Deconstructed: Visual Communication with Consumers

  WRITTEN BY: MIRANDA GARDNER Back in August, we talked about why it was important to build a brand for your business. I’m going to dial it back in this post and focus on the importance of a strong logo. When I think about the most successful brands in the world, I automatically think about […]

10Tips Marketing Shoestring Budget-Blog

Top 10 Tips for Marketing On A Shoestring Budget

WRITTEN BY: HARUNA SUZUKI Do you have a great product or service to offer, but only a small marketing budget? To make every marketing dollar count, it’s time to get strategic and creative about promoting your business. Take a look at the following ten tips to help you get started—you should be creating some low-cost […]


How To Use Google Maps For Your Business

  WRITTEN BY: KELSEY DI GIROLAMO Google Maps. Millions of people use them daily to find directions to and from businesses. According to Nielsen, the Google Maps app sees an average of over 79 million unique users per month. And keep in mind that number does not include users who access Google Maps on their […]


How to Write a Simple Press Release

  WRITTEN BY: VIRGINIA BANE New things happen daily and it’s the job of a press release to get the word out about these events to news and media outlets. It can announce a variety of newsworthy events, including awards, new products, accomplishments, and a variety of others. Every business, organization, team, university and so […]


Responding to Criticism Online

  WRITTEN BY: CHELSEA PAYNE Whether it be on Yelp, Google, LinkedIn, social media, or even your own website, customers will find a way to criticize your business. So while you may think to ignore this criticism found online, it is necessary that each review is addressed appropriately. After all, as The Social Network (2010) […]

Branding Mistakes_blog

Common Branding Mistakes

  WRITTEN BY: ELLIE REGEVSKY Mistake #1: Resolution of Graphics It is mandatory that images have a consistent quality without pixilation. But what are the different types of files and resolutions for images? For your Logo: the best option is ALWAYS having a vector file. This kind of file is very easy to edit and […]


Why Canva Is Your Friend

WRITTEN BY JACOB ROSS Do you ever see an image and say “I wish I could make that?” but don’t have any graphic design experience or knowledge? There are a number of websites out there that offer design services for a fee or allow you to create designs from scratch for a nominal fee. Worry […]

HowSocialMediaAffectsStudentsand Businesses_Blog

What Your Social Media Says About You

  WRITTEN BY LAUREN CRISWELL Job Seekers Most of us cannot relate to the time when a glance at a paper resume was all an employer reviewed before deciding whether or not you were going to get an interview. Today, social media allows us to connect, network and promote ourselves in more ways than one. […]


Click It, Clip It, or Print It: How to Get the Most Out of Your Coupons

  WRITTEN BY: JANELLE MASON When maintaining a company brand for your business, you want to make a lasting impression. What better way to have your name floating throughout the hallways of your local university than having a POWERHOUSE deal that students and faculty can use all year long! Let’s face it, you want a […]

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